New Member and Update (3 Dec 2013)

Firstly, welcome to Wilbur Goh, latest member of the PM500 Club! Wilbur’s 500th species was Aleutian Tern off Parit Jawa in September last year, and he’s now moved up to 511.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve added two to my total: a Buteo buzzard at Kampung Permatang Nibong, which I think is now resolved as a Common (Himalayan) Buzzard, and a Chestnut-cheeked Starling at the same place.


3 thoughts on “New Member and Update (3 Dec 2013)

    • As mentioned in the Dec 2 entry, currently the Malaysian list recognizes only one species (Buteo buteo) with two subspecies (vulpinus and burmanicus/japonensis). So for the PM 500 Club, it counts as 1 species currently. The list will be fully reviewed soon and I expect then we will have to work out which forms of quite a few species we have seen, and possibly get a few ‘armchair ticks’!

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