Update (Jan 2014)

I haven’t heard from most PM500 Club members for a while, so now would be a good time to update me on the fruit of your endeavours in 2013.

Of those I have heard from, Hor Kee seems to be the biggest ‘mover and shaker’, combining shrewd twitching forays with some inspired bird-finding. He is racing toward the 550 milestone on 542, with 3 new birds in recent weeks: the Northern Shoveler, the somewhat questionnable Long-legged Buzzard (x Upland hybrid) and a truly gripping Short-eared Owl. In the same period, I saw the first two but not the last, despite trying, sneaking up to 576.

James added 8 species to his tally in one recent trip to Perlis and Penang, with the pick of the bunch being a Richard’s Pipit. Having obtained both photographs and a recording of calls, James’s record seems certain to reinstate the species firmly on the PM list (it was removed a couple of years ago in the absence of verifiable evidence of occurrence). He moves up to 526, leap-frogging Nina (for the time being)!

A full update of totals will be forthcoming as soon as I get updates from everyone!


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