For information about anything on this blog, I can be contacted at: ecopermaiatgmaildotcom.

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  1. Hallo,
    I visited Brunei last April. Because I’ am friend of narrow gauge railways I ask there fore informations of the 13 km that sould be have Brunei, said the internet. But in Brunei nobody can tell me something about it, only, they have many years ago one line. Now I found your photos from your trip in 2013. Can you tell me, where is this forestal line? Many greetings and thanks,

    • Hi Jörg, the photos you refer to are not of a commercial railway line, but of a logging railway, constructed to remove timber from peat swamp forest. It is only accessible by river and is a private concession.

  2. Your blog is very informative. I’m not a birder, but I really do love birds and learn what I can about them (especially backyard birds). I just can’t get hold of local bird info and nobody around me loves birds. Some don’t even know a sparrow when they see one! To them, it’s ‘small bird’ or ‘big bird’. Hehehe…

    So, thanks for all your bird blog posts! I’ll be reading as much as I can~

    Hmm… How is it that you manage to get a close shot of the birds? Aren’t they shy/fearful? Or did you wait really long for that opportune moment…? 😄

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