2017 Update

Due to popular demand (OK, one person asked me!), I have decided to resuscitate this club, with a few amendments.

  1. Your list should follow A Checklist of the birds of Malaysia Dec 2016v.2.xlsx which can be downloaded here.
  2. It should include ONLY Category A species (unless you saw a wild Cat B species before 1963, in which case, you can count it!).
  3. Please send me your complete list (see here).
  4. If you have seen a species NOT on Category A, you should submit a Rare Record Form with details of your sighting to the Records Committee (mnsrc.rc@gmail.com).
  5. Indicate your most recent addition, and, optionally, tell us your most wanted bird!


Name                            List                Latest                                       Most Wanted

Dave Bakewell               601                 Cinnamon-headed Pigeon    Black Partridge

Neoh Hor Kee                582                 South Polar Skua                 Rufous-vented Niltava