2017 Update

Due to popular demand (OK, one person asked me!), I have decided to resuscitate this club, with a few amendments.

  1. Your list should follow A Checklist of the birds of Malaysia Dec 2016v.2.xlsx which can be downloaded here.
  2. It should include ONLY Category A species (unless you saw a wild Cat B species before 1963, in which case, you can count it!).
  3. Please send me your complete list (see here).
  4. If you have seen a species NOT on Category A, you should submit a Rare Record Form with details of your sighting to the Records Committee (mnsrc.rc@gmail.com).
  5. Indicate your most recent addition, and, optionally, tell us your most wanted bird!


Name                            List                Latest                                      Most Wanted

Dave Bakewell               601                 Streaked Shearwater          Black Partridge

Neoh Hor Kee                582                 South Polar Skua               Rufous-vented Niltava