Peninsular Malaysia 500 Club


Grey-breasted babbler © James Eaton

A not-too-serious online ‘club’ comprising all those who have reached the milestone of seeing 500 species in the wild in Peninsula Malaysia and are happy to let others know about it.

The initial idea for this club was to find out which species the really seasoned birders in “Pen Mal” have yet to see – i.e. which species might be decreasing or genuinely rare, Thus the logo for the club is Malacopteron albogulare aka Ophrydornis albogularis – Grey-breasted Babbler, a species which few people who have been birding in Pen Mal for under 20 years have seen, owing to the rapid decline of its preferred habitat, nutrient-poor lowland forest, especially peatswamp forest.

Those wishing to be inducted into the PM500 Club are invited to send their list to me (mainly for the reason outlined above), and then to update me regularly. To date, the following are ‘in the club’:

  • 581 Dave Bakewell (latest: Richard’s Pipit)
  • 566 Tony Sebastian
  • 559 Choy Wai Mun (latest: Brown Noddy)
  • 550 John Howes
  • 548 Carol Ho
  • 548 Neoh Hor Kee (latest: Brown Noddy)
  • 543 Khoo Swee Seng
  • 526 James Eaton (latest: Richard’s Pipit)
  • 526 Nina Cheung (latest: Blue-breasted Quail)
  • 524 David Lai (latest: Large Wren-babbler)
  • 513 Wilbur Goh (latest: Short-toed Snake-eagle)
  • 505+ Glenda Larke

15 thoughts on “Peninsular Malaysia 500 Club

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  2. Thanks for the add. My list is based on Allen Jeyarajasingam’s book and will need revising upwards due to species splits. The same can be said for most of the others too!

  3. I have not reach 300 Club yet but was lucky enough to see the Grey-breasted Babbler in Peninsular Malaysia. Hope to be in the 500 Club in 10 years time.

  4. Found one pair a few years back in Kedah boarder or at least i think i’m at kedah border. Might head there next year for a raptor thing

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