Pulau Mantanani: 26 October

Pied-Triller_0M7A7151Today was my last on the island, so I made sure to take some photos of some of the few resident passerines on the island, like Pied Trillers, which are extremely common.


Pacific Reef-Herons are relatively common too – I only saw dark morph birds.


Migrant-wise, not much was new, though I did find a Taiga Flycatcher in a previously unexplored area, and had a (or the?) Ashy Minivet in flight once again.


I counted 6 Arctic Warblers but no Japanese Leaf Warblers.

Blue-and-White-Flycatcher_0M7A7580There were at least 9 Blue-and-White Flycatchers – some which were overnight stayers, like this first year male, and others which were obviously fresh arrivals.


I found 2 stunning adult males on the Point which were feeding like mad, and very tame, either too tired or too hungry to be bothered about me.


Blue on blue! I wondered whether this bird was the ‘intermedia’ race because of the blue on the lower breast. On the other hand, the light was so bright, it was hard to be sure whether this might look black under ‘normal’ lighting conditions. The bird’s wings are raised in the lower photo because it was having difficulty staying on the branch in a strong headwind.


This didn’t stop the other male from deciding it was time to continue his migratory journey towards the mainland. It was a sobering sight to see such a tiny bird, weighing just a few grams, taking off into the teeth of a strong wind over a rough sea. Amazing!


There were two female Blue Rock Thrushes.


And not many other flycatchers – single Dark-sided, Grey-streaked, Narcissus and this Asian Brown.


Some female Christmas Island Frigatebirds.


And some Lesser Frigatebird shots – the top four are of adult females, then a subadult and a male at the bottom.


These images of a Chinese Egret were taken the next day at Tanjung Aru, KK. I was there all morning in the hope of seeing a Hoopoe which was being regularly sighted there, but in the end I had to leave and catch my flight Hoopoe-less! Needless to say, it was seen shortly after I left, but I couldn’t complain about my haul in Borneo, and on Mantanani in particular!

Anyone interested in joining me for a repeat trip next November?

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