Checklist Name Changes


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Mountain Peacock-Pheasant. (c) James Eaton/Birdtour Asia

With the upcoming publication of the new Checklist of the Birds of Malaysia 2015, and the adoption of eBird as the new Malaysian online database (replacing Bird I Witness, which goes offline on 15 Jan 2015), there is a bewildering number of name changes to get used to!

To help smooth the transition, I have prepared a table which details all the changes from the old 2010 checklist. There are several types of changes:

1. Change in scientific name only. The English name remains the same.

2. Change in English name only. The scientific name remains the same.

3. Changes in both English and scientific name.

4. Where there are two rows in the ‘new’ column and one in the ‘old’ column, what was formerly regarded as a single species has been ‘split’ into two or more species.

5, Where there are two rows in the ‘old’ column and one in the ‘new’ column, what were formerly considered two species have been ‘lumped’ into one species.

In future posts I plan to highlight a few of these to explain differences in appearance, vocalizations, distribution, etc. For now, here’s the list!

Name Changes in Clements 2014.1

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening with the launch of the new eBird database and checklist, you can also visit:


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