Bukit Wang Forest Reserve, 20 February 2013

We headed back toward Penang on our last day, but stopped at Bukit Wang until early afternoon. It was good to hear Great Argus calling, and we enjoyed extended views of Thick-billed Flowerpeckers calling and displaying high in the canopy. A non-adult male Green-backed Flycatcher was surprisingly elusive, foraging quietly beneath a fruiting tree frequented by flowerpeckers and bulbuls.

Dark-sided Flycatcher_Bukit Wang_200214_IMG_1551A Dark-sided Flycatcher held hunting territory on a branch which had fallen across the main track.

Dark-sided Flycatcher_Bukit Wang_200214_IMG_1548The tiny bill is well-observed from head-on, and a dark-centred undertail covert is just visible to the left of the branch.

Asian Paradise-flycatcher_Bukit Wang FR_200214_IMG_4330A magical white morph male Asian Paradise Flycatcher appeared, as they always seem to, momentarily, before being lost in the undergrowth. It’s a bird which always  sets the pulse racing!

Dark-throated Oriole_Bukit Wang FR_200214_IMG_4286A Dark-throated Oriole (I wonder what the reddening bill says about the age and gender of this bird?)

Great Iora_Bukit Wang FR_200214_IMG_4296Good views of Great Ioras are always welcome. For some reason this looks to me like it should live in the Americas rather than South-east Asia!

Great Iora_Bukit Wang FR_200214_IMG_4292What a bill…

Great Iora_Bukit Wang FR_200214_IMG_4311and impressive colours!


One thought on “Bukit Wang Forest Reserve, 20 February 2013

  1. That Flycatcher is beautiful! The Oriole is rather like our Olive-backed, and I can see why you think the Iora is suggestive of the Americas, perhaps the colourful Tanager family.

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