Double ducks!

Northern Shoveler_Malim Nawar_020114_IMG_9707I cajoled my long-suffering family into a short pitstop at Malim Nawar mining ponds en route back from KL to Penang after New Year, where Tou Jing Yi happened to have found a Northern Shoveler in recent days. The bird was an eclipse male, and was keeping company with two Garganeys – one very much more secretive than the other.

This is a familiar bird in northern Asia and Europe, but this is possibly only the 3rd Peninsular Malaysia record, and the first since the 1980s, making it an even rarer bird than the Tufted Duck which turned up at the same site almost exactly a year ago.

Same place, another duck, and another Malaysian ‘lifer’!

Northern Shoveler_Malim Nawar_020114_IMG_9644 Northern Shoveler_Malim Nawar_020114_IMG_9638 Northern Shoveler_Malim Nawar_020114_IMG_9653


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