Kampung Selarong Gajah, mainland Penang, 24 and 26 September 2013

I last visited this spot on 3 September, and, having had a look around at a few other spots, I came to the conclusion that this was the site most likely to produce a quality freshwater wader this season, so back I came!

Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4497The first surprise was 29 Eurasian Curlews – not a bird I’ve seen in paddyfields before.

Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4503Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5784All of them were juveniles.

Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_5809Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5773 Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5767 Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5770

With them were 4 Black-tailed Godwits.

Black-tailed Godiwt_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5744Also all juveniles.

Eurasian Curlew_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_4384Eurasian Curlew and Curlew Sandpipers – only distantly related!

Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4528 Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4537The latter were also…all juveniles! This was rather a short-billed individual.

Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_5847 Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_5846 Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_5827Spick and span!

Little Ringed Plover_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_4340Plenty of Little Ringed Plovers, but these were all adults. This one’s a male.

Little Ringed Plover_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_4345 Little Ringed Plover_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_4344And a female, showing the difference in breastband pattern and colour.Red-necked Stint_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5726

No Little Stints this time, but a couple of smart juvenile Red-necked Stints came close.

Red-necked Stint_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5732 Red-necked Stint_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5730

Red-necked Stint_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5718 Red-necked Stint_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_5727And at last I got some juvenile Long-toed Stints feeding close to the hide too.

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4398These are one of my favourites, so a bit of a gallery follows.

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4431 Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4420 Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4416 Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4409 Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4404Jacana-toes!

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4435A juv with an adult behind.

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4427 Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4424Fore and aft.

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_5823Another juv later in the morning.

A couple of non-waders…

Red Collared-dove_Kg Selarong Gakah_240913_IMG_4371Red Collared-doves seem to be getting really common in the north of the State.

Eastern Ywllow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4394And a bunch of Eastern Yellow Wagtails. This is a juvenile tschutschensis

Eastern Ywllow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4477 Eastern Ywllow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4493And an adult, which was making short work of dragonfly larvae.

Eastern Ywllow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4441An adult macronyx.

Eastern Ywllow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_260913_IMG_4414And a taivana – some-times known as Green-backed Wagtail these days. An adult I think.



3 thoughts on “Kampung Selarong Gajah, mainland Penang, 24 and 26 September 2013

  1. Great to see a ‘taivana’ there! I haven’t seen this ssp. for so long mostly because I wasn’t in Thailand during the time they pass through. Also interesting to see the various bill length among juvenile Eurasian Curlews. I once got a chance to photograph a juvenile Far Eastern Curlew up close in Japan and the bill was incredibly short!

    • Yes, I’ve noticed how short the bills are on juv curlews in Japan and on some of John’s pics in HK. They seem to have grown nearer to full length by the time they arrive here.

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