Kampung Selarong Gajah, mainland Penang. 3 September 2013

I navigated my way back to the place where I’d seen the waders yesterday by GPS in the pre-dawn darkness (I’d never have found the spot otherwise!). Then I walked out along the narrow bund between two flooded fields and set up my hide. The bund was so narrow that my feet and tripod were in a foot of water and mud in the field – I was hoping there were no horse leeches!

Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5312Worth getting out of bed for! The view from behind my hide. In front was another matter – it was a big field, and I wasn’t sure I had chosen the best spot.

Eastern Yellow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5327A few Eastern Yellow Wagtails  kept things interesting a the sun rose.

Eastern Yellow Wagtail_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5330A monochromatic first winter tschutschensis/simillima.

Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5524The view from the front of the hide once the sun was up.

Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5523A hide’s eye view!

Initially birds kept well to the back of the field, but gradually they came closer, drawn by an invisible magnet to the spot right in front of me!

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5337An adult non-breeding Long-toed Stint rousing after a preen.

Little Ringed Plover_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5331This adult male non-breeding Little Ringed Plover was one of the first birds to come close.

Little Ringed Plover_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5444

This adult female came still closer.

This video shows her ‘foot paddling’ – using one foot to disturb prey from the mud.

Asian Openbill_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_3763A lucky shot of an Asian Openbill which flew past my hide.

Wood Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5445I’ve taken hundreds of pics of Wood Sandpipers, but I couldn’t resist this frame-filling adult nervously checking me out!

Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_3751My main targets for the morning were the juvenile Curlew Sandpipers and Long-toed Stints I’d seen yesterday. Eventually, one of the juv Curlew Sandpipers obliged. They are absolutely stunning birds in fresh plumage.

Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5471Curlew Sandpiper_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5492One of my shots of the day!

Little Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5430This gorgeous adult Little Stint was a complete surprise, especially as it chose to spend most of the time feeding right in front of me! My second of the autumn just 2 days after the Malim Nawar bird, but this one was in much brighter plumage!

Little Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5423This angle shows the fine-tipped bill, which has a laterally compressed blob on the end, quite different from the more tubular bill of Red-necked. This individual had quite a well-marked supercilium.

Little Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5396Little Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5391What a cracker! I loved the orange neck sides.

Little Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5371A typical Little Stint pose – ball-shaped body and small head up on top.

There’s a short video here:

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5459There were plenty of adult Long-toed Stints about, but I really wanted to photograph a juvenile. Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_3765

Eventually I spotted one in the middle distance, and it worked its way gradually up the field, closer and closer! A pair of mating Pantala flavescens got into the frame!

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5505Checking out an overflying crow.

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5506Juv Long-toed Stint – the perfect peep?

Long-toed Stint_Kg Selarong Gajah_030913_IMG_5511This adult wass clearly offended by the close approach of the juvenile, which took up a submissive posture in response.

At 9.30am a farmer came to ask me to move my car , and since my camera battery had died I was quite happy to call it a day and head for home. Not a bad morning’s outing!


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