Kampung Selarong Gajah, mainland Penang. 2 September 2013

When I last visited this area in April, there were thousands of openbills feeding in the paddyfields.

IMG_3575They were still there today, although in much smaller groups. They seem to be ‘part of the furniture’ these days!

IMG_3590IMG_3600But occasionally I still had to remind myself that I’m in Malaysia, not Thailand!IMG_3579

Multi-storey openbill park!IMG_3615

A few other bits and pieces – a very young juivenile Cinnamon Bittern not long out of the nest.

IMG_3638Zitting Cisticolas seemed to be present in great numbers – almost flocks!IMG_3646

IMG_3648A rather dashing first non-breeding male Black-winged Stilt.

IMG_3656Still growing out new tertials.

IMG_3675A juvenile Wood Sandpiper – I’ve seen these surprisingly rarely in Malaysia – in fact, I think this is my first photo of a juv.

IMG_3688An adult non-breeding for comparison.

IMG_3707IMG_3708Many of the openbills are coming into smart white and black plumage – getting ready to breed perhaps?


IMG_5311A new traffic hazard in Malaysia – openbills crossing!

Toward midday we came across a field full of waders – lots of juvenile Curlew Sandpipers, Long-toed Stints and Lesser and Little Ringed Plovers. However, the light was awful for photos, so I made plans for an early morning foray tomorrow…!


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