An unexpected surprise!

I just found an email in my Inbox announcing that I had won 5th prize in a competition…and it wasn’t spam!

Apparently, there were 600 entrants to the Kowa 60th Anniversary Competition, and one of my three entries was voted 5th. The pic was the only digiscoped image among the 12 top entries. You can see all the winning photos here: WINNERS

The prize is a pair of Kowa BD-XD binoculars (which is the same prize for 4th place, so I think I got a good deal there!).

The pic was the one which many of you chose when I asked for your advice back in May (see this post), so thanks very much for helping me out – you clearly have excellent taste!

Orange-bellied Leafbird_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3487

I remember the circumstances well. I was having a late breakfast at the roti stall by the mosque at Fraser’s Hill after a morning’s birding and noticed a pair of Orange-bellied Leafbirds which were regularly foraging in a bottle-brush tree nearby. For some reason, rather than using my DSLR, I decided it would be a nice challenge to try to get some digiscoped shots. From my table, with teh tarik in one hand, I aimed the scope at the tree and waited. The problem was that the leafbirds were mostly obscured while in the tree. The only time they were in full view was when they descended to the lowest branches, where they stayed only briefly. I remember at some point my family running out of patience waiting for me, and we arranged to meet up later!

After a long wait and many failures, I finally got this one shot which I was very happy with. In the end, it proved to be well worth the wait!


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