Asian Openbill roost, 23 July

Last night a group consisting of staff of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks from KL, Kedah and Pulau Pinang, and members of MNS Penang converged on the roost to observe and discuss what might be done to protect both the site and the species. The birds put on a great show, and it was also a really constructive time of discussion and getting to know one another.

Some pics below.

IMG_4608IMG_4607Birds dropped in from a great height.

IMG_4603Dedicated counters!

IMG_4595Delighted digiscopers!

IMG_2742Count them!


IMG_2734 IMG_4601A popular tree.

IMG_2778More like a multistorey stork park!

IMG_2785Early birds get the best spots.

IMG_2746 IMG_2751No more parking spaces here!

IMG_2732Looking for another spot.

IMG_2770Some birds have pale lores. Is this just mud or does it indicate age or condition?

IMG_2792A smart black-lored bird.

IMG_2797Subadult – or Asian Closedbill?



4 thoughts on “Asian Openbill roost, 23 July

  1. Hmm not sure if it’s a good or bad news. Seems like numbers of Asian Openbills are sky-rocketing everywhere. Even in Chiang Mai, there used to be none too, but now there are also thousands and thousands of them.

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