Borneo Bird Festival 2013 here I come!

I’m off to BBF 2013 tomorrow – doing a bit of birding for a few days beforehand. This year it is back at Sepilok after diverting to Kinabalu National Park in 2012.BBF 2013

Check out the Schedule of happenings here.

I’ll be giving a presentation titled: “The rise of bird photography and social media, and their potential for bird conservation.” The programme blurb adds:

The presentation takes an overview of the development of birding in Malaysia from BC (Before Computers) to AD (After Digital), and looks at how the digital age has revolutionized the world of birding. Instant access to literally thousands of photos of Malaysia’s birdlife via social media has boosted public awareness of the richness and beauty of Malaysia’s avifauna as never before, and as a result, the bird-related leisure and tourism industry is booming. But is this enough to ensure the conservation of birds and their habitats for future generations? This presentation explores the role of bird photography in conservation and suggests ways in which the present booming interest in birds and bird photography might lead to stronger conservation outcomes.

So, if that whets the appetite, or alternatively, if you’re just wet and looking for a place to shelter, I might see you at 2pm on June 8th in the Kabili Theatre at the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC).

For the rest of the time, weather permitting, I’ll be out in the field, trying to break my duck with Bristleheads at RDC. This will be my third visit and hopefully, third time lucky! So far, I’ve only had distant views at Danum Valley.

RGFSOne of my favourite spectacles at RDC is the Red Giant Flying Squirrels at dusk. Back in March 2010 we were treated to a spectacular show – I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance!


3 thoughts on “Borneo Bird Festival 2013 here I come!

  1. John – I’ve spent many an hour in the Bristlehead Tower … I feel a pome coming on! In the end we had to forsake the walkway in favour of some good old-fashionedf forest birding to finally nail it (see next post!)

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