December issue of Suara Enggang almost at the printer’s!

With apologies for the long wait, the December issue of SE is almost ready.

For the last two years, my wife, Daphne, and I have  had the privilege of editing the magazine. It will be our last issue as editors, and we have handed over the reins to the more than capable hands of Allen Jeyarajasingam and Loretta Shepherd.

This issue has a hopefully useful summary of identification features of the leaf-warbers of Malaysia, so, if you’re struggling to identify the gem on the cover, there’s still time to subscribe online here…at the ridicously low rate of RM30 a year for subscribers in Malaysia.

Dec cover

The cover photo is by Zhongying Koay. Although all our cover photos are amazing, I think this may be my personal favourite so far!

The last couple of years have been a delightful experience, pulling together some really top quality articles and photos from many very talented contributors. Our thanks to one and all. We’re looking forward to more of the same, and even better, as Allen and Loretta pool their creative talents, knowledge and experience. Please do support the magazine by subscribing, and do yourself a large favour in the process!


3 thoughts on “December issue of Suara Enggang almost at the printer’s!

  1. Looking forward to all the great photos as usual. Thanks to you and ur wife’s effort in raising the bar on the quality of the magazine.

  2. Dave,
    You and Daphne did a tremendous job.We have been very fortunate to you both to set the content, structure and high standard, of SE. Best wishes and good birding always.

  3. You are doing a great job, just read the latest copy, its brilliant, loved your coverage of the leaf warblers. Thanks for all the efforts that you and Daphne had placed in to make this magazine such a gem. You are definitely setting the standard high enough for your successors. 🙂

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