A couple of shots from Friend Rock!

Simon Attwood and I spent another morning surveying remnant coastal vegetation on the mainland, around a place called Batu Kawan (or Friend Rock) on mainland Penang. Nothing too much to write home about, although Blue-winged Pitta and Black-thighed Falconet are not to be sniffed at.

Buffy Fish-owl_Batu Kawan_270513_IMG_3917We woke this Buffy Fish-owl up from its roost in some oil palms – sorry mate! My scope was still a bit steamed up from having come out of the car at this point – so it looks a bit misty.

Ashy Drongo_Batu Kawan_270513_IMG_0275Simon spotted this nigriscens Ashy Drongo hawking by the roadside, and we were happy enough with this…

Ashy Drongo_Batu Kawan_270513_IMG_0283And then we noticed the other half of the pair just above us, minus one side of the tail…

Ashy Drongo_Batu Kawan_270513_IMG_3931 Ashy Drongo_Batu Kawan_270513_IMG_3935Finally, we figured out what they were up to! I’ve not seen Ashy Drongo breeding before – very nice!



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