“Bird-crazy consultant spots tiny little bird!”

IMG_3838IMG_3839IMG_3840This came out in the national papers today – perhaps old news for regular readers of this blog, but definitely good to have a wider platform to publicize the importance of the coastline for waterbirds here.

Sigh! The way birders are portrayed by the media seems to be the same wherever you are in the world. But being described as a “bird-crazy consultant” is a small price to pay if it means more people are alerted to the importance of the Teluk Air Tawar-Kuala Muda IBA.

Overall the article seems pretty accurate – Natalie Heng is a good journalist. Only, I’m sure I didn’t say that there are “three or four sightings per year” of Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Malaysia – maybe that three or four occur (but are rarely seen).

For more stuff people say about birders, this is essential viewing if you’ve not seen it already!


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