More photos of the Perdik flycatcher

Ronnie Ooi has kindly allowed me to post two pictures he took of a flycatcher at Sungai Perdik on 26 June 2011.

Flycatcher-v3_IMG_1311 Flycatcher-v2

This bird appears to share several characteristics shown by the bird photographed by Suhaimi:

  • long tail
  • short primary projection
  • plain ‘face’, lacking pale eye-ring and lores
  • slender bill

If this is the same taxon, these photos provide additional information about the underparts, which appear plain or diffusely streaked  grey-brown on the breast and flanks, with little contrast between these and paler throat and belly and vent. The bird appears to be an adult in worn plumage.

A further set of photos of a pair of ‘Perdik flycatchers’ has been provided by Mike Kan, who recorded a pair nest-building on 23 June 2012. Unfortunately the attempt was found abandoned on the follow-up visit.

Naung 006

Pair at the nest

Naung 012 nesting

Bird sitting on nest

Note the same nondescript head and underpart parttern – very diffuse buff-brown streaks. The plumage seems fresher than in previous photos. Despite this, there is an almost complete lack of the pale edging to the coverts, tertials and secondaries which is inevitably present on fresh-plumaged Brown-streaked and siamensis Asian Brown.

Naung 022 flycatcher Naung 005 Naung 027 jungle flycatcherThe final two photos show the uncharacteristically long tail (for a Muscicapa) of this taxon.

These additional photos from Ronnie and Mike confirm the distinctive plumage and structural features noted in Suhaimi’s recent photos which seem to distinguish the Perdik flycatchers from Brown-streaked and known races of Asian Brown Flycatcher.

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