Fraser’s Hill, 28 April – 1 May 2013

This was a family holiday, and our first visit to Fraser’s for over a year, which is a long gap for us! We had a couple of good friends along with us, and Tim was keen to be initiated into the thrills and spills of birding! Overall though, this was a very low key, relaxing visit, not really a birding trip.

Mountain Bulbul_Fraser's Hill_280413_IMG_9002When everything’s new, everything’s worth a good look, and a pair of Mountain Bulbuls were happy to oblige.

Large Scimitar-babbler_Fraser's Hill_280413_IMG_9029A pair of Large Scimitar-babblers also put on a good show (well – good for this skulking species!). I explained to Tim that going birding with me was a bit of a handicap for a novice birder, since I tend to favour dull brown skulkers over the bright, colourful species which are easy to see!

New leaves2_Fraser's Hill_280413_IMG_9036 New leaves_Fraser's Hill_280413_IMG_9036 New leaves_Fraser's Hill_280413_IMG_9034There was lots to see besides dull brown birds though, such as these stunning new leaves in the early morning sun…

Spider's web_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9062And a shimmering spiderweb.

Funnelweb spider_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_9381Talking of spiders, this spider was an impressive specimen, located during a nightwalk.

Orange-bellied Leafbird_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3489 Orange-bellied Leafbird_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3485 Orange-bellied Leafbird_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3487We did see some colourful birds though! I remember when Orange-bellied Leafbirds were difficult to see at Fraser’s Hill, back before the introduction of bottlebrush trees. Now it would be hard to miss them!

Brown Shrike_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3418I was surprised to find a couple of late migrants still about. This singing male Brown Shrike was not what I expected to see on the highest branch of the tallest tree in the forest canopy! What race is it? Maybe confusus?

Dark-sided Flycatcher_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3423And this Dark-sided Flycatcher was still frequenting High Pines garden on the last day of April!

Acanthosaura titwangsaensis_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_9285Tim’s sharp eyes located this tree lizard on a vine on the Pine Tree trail.  It’s a newly-described species, Acanthosaura titiwangsaensisTitiwangsa Horned Tree Lizard.

Marbled Wren-babbler_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9039 Marbled Wren-babbler_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9051Having ticked off Large Scimitar-babbler before Chestnut-backed, and Malayan Whistling-thrush before Blue, Tim’s first wren-babbler was Marbled! Not great photos, but we were treated to a breathtaking vocal performance by a pair duetting. This is the fifth time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this species. The previous four times were in 2009,  2010 (here and here) and 2011.Pygmy Cupwing_Cameron Highlands_200413_IMG_8522

This is one we didn’t see, a Pygmy Wren-babbler (now Cupwing!) taken in Cameron Highlands recently.Rufous-bellied Swallow_Fraser's Hill_300413_IMG_3501

The view from my family’s Silverpark 5th floor apartment gave good opportunities for balcony views of Rufous-bellied Swallows and House Swifts.

House Swift_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9206 House Swift_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9195 House Swift_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9183 House Swift_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9164 House Swift_Fraser's Hill_010513_IMG_9479

I’d have been happy taking photos of these all day! Sadly, I missed a flyby needletail, which whizzed below my viewpoint so fast I didn’t get chance to identify it to species.

House Swift_Fraser's Hill_290413_IMG_9136Can anyone identify which species this yellow feather came from? A Yellownape perhaps?Collared Owlet_Fraser's Hill_010513_IMG_9395

Our last bird of the trip – a Collared Owlet responding to my whistled imitation of its call.

There were a few no-shows –  I can’t remember ever missing Mountain Leaf-warblers before, and the silence of the barbets was deafening – I guess because it’s the breeding season – but overall, Fraser’s delivered the goods yet again!


5 thoughts on “Fraser’s Hill, 28 April – 1 May 2013

  1. I’m so green with envy. Marbled & Large Scimitar are both high on my wanted list. Great shots and wonderful write-up as usual.

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