Wader Quiz answers

Congratulations to Benoit for correctly naming all 12 species in the photo, and commiserations and thanks to everyone else – you were mostly very close!

The bird which had most people foxed was the one above the Terek Sandpipers in the right foreground – not a Broad-billed Sandppiper but a Curlew Sandpiper – though surprisingly BBS-like in several respects.


Here’s the image enlarged…


And the next frame with the bird having turned. I suspect the atypical bill shape and the apparent double supercilium had many of you fooled.

Another bird which caused a bit of grief was the blurry greenshank on the right.


A few of you pointed out the bicoloured bill, but also, on reflection, the obviously long legs, which clinches this one as a Common Greenshank (which, in this part of the world at least, not infrequently shows an obviouslyIMG_1811GK bicoloured bill).

More OOF birds! Behind the Marsh Sandpiper and the Common Greenshank at the back are a couple of Great Knot coming into breeding plumage and a lone Lesser Sand Plover (both the others in the original picture are Greaters).

The others are more or less straightforward and were correctly id’ed by most of you.

The photo was taken at the Teluk Air Tawar-Kuala Muda IBA on 11 March 2013. It was one of the first pictures I took of the day, mainly to check my exposure, but it turned out to have considerably more entertainment potential than I realised!

Thanks for taking part!


2 thoughts on “Wader Quiz answers

  1. Wow, that “broad-billed” is definitely a confusing one, I was hoping to say Curlew at first but the eye brow and bill did fooled me a little. Nice quiz anyway, most of the birds in this photo are still my lifer to be, really hope to get to the coast one day and tick them all. 🙂

  2. When I play this quiz, I thought that the size of “broad-billed look like” is quite bigger than normal. But I guess it maybe possible due to position of this bird stand in the picture (same reason why size of Great Knot look equal to Common Greenshank and Whimbrel) and the split supercilium is quite clear. So that why I also add BBS in the answer 🙂

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