Teluk Air Tawar – Kuala Muda IBA, mainland Penang, 26 Feb 2013

Sorry to be flip-flopping around a bit chronology-wise. This visit was actually the day after the Spoonie sighting down-post. I went back to the site with Yeap Chin Aik and Simon Attwood in the hope of scoring the Spoon-billed Sandpiper again. Despite much searching, we drew a blank, but for all that, it was not an entirely fruitless visit.

waders_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7589

The downside was that the weather and light were pretty awful. In fact, we’d had a heavy storm overnight, and numbers were well down on the previous day. I expect many had pushed on ahead of the bad weather. The upside was that the tide was very high so we got some excellent views.waders_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7608

There were still quite a lot of birds about!Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7542

And, unlike the previous day, the Nordmann’s flock decided to join the others and come in closer.Pacific Golden Plover_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1522

Before I get on to those, a few shots of other stuff – this Pacific Golden Plover  came very close.

Swinhoe's Plover_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1507 Swinhoe's Plover_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1542The two male Swinhoe’s Plovers also gave me better opportunities than the other day.

Red Knot_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1563A couple of Red Knots among the Greats.

Great Knot_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1650

Many of the Great Knots were well-spotted below, but still pretty dull in the scapular department.

Great Knot_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7527Great Knots incoming.

Brown-headed Gull_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1667Even the malevolent-looking Brown-headed Gulls were not too distant.

Eurasian Curlew_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1567Eurasian Curlews in their understated breeding finery.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1595But the curlews had to move aside to make way for the star attraction.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1653 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1655The Nordmann’s Greenshanks were top of the bill today.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1681 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1700With the supporting cast of a Common Greenshank for handy comparison.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1702 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1704 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1708 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1710 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1712 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1715 Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__1717There was even time to take one or two arty shots.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7572

Before they finally took flight as the tide rose further.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_260213_IMG__7601So, no Spoonie today, but Simon and Yeap weren’t complaining too much!

Anyway, just a couple of reminders below why Teluk Air Tawar is a very Important Bird Area (IBA).

Nordmann's and Spoonie


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