Boat Survey: Teluk Air Tawar – Kuala Muda IBA, mainland Penang, 23 Feb 2013

Not a full survey this time – the tide beat us to it.

Survey team_Penaga_230213_IMG_1187Setting out – James and Kanda getting themselves sorted!

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_6876As the boat moved toward the rivermouth we disturbed a Common Redshank flock roosting at the mouth of a tributary.

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7384

Being in a flock has its disadvantages when trying to maneouvre in limited space! At the bottom of the flock quite a few got wet, but all successfully relaunched and were none the worse for their dip.

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7281Spot the odd one out?

Marsh Sandpiper_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7391There you areCommon Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7397 – a Marsh Sandpiper!

Sharp, and almost in frame!

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7255It gets pretty congested under the mangroves as the tide rises.

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_6902 Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7293Some prefer the wide open spaces of the rivermouth.

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_6903Or not!

Common Redshank_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_6923Another mangrove roost along the coast.

Brown-headed Gull_Teluk Air Tawar_230213_IMG_7110We found the Brown-headed Gull roost again.

Brown-headed Gull_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_6913A few tolerated close approach.

Great Egret_Sg Lahar Endin_230213_IMG_7303Among the egrets was this Great in breeding condition – not seen that before – I wonder if it means anything?

waders_Teluk Air Tawar_230213_IMG_6949

A sizeable roost of sand plovers and small calidrids.

Nordmann's Greenshank_Teluk Air Tawar_230213_IMG_6985And a bevy of Nordmannic beauties!

waders_Teluk Air Tawar_230213_IMG_7055Lastly, this is where the knots and godwits hang out. I love this scene, because I imagine this is how this part of the west Peninsular Malaysian coastline has looked for thousands of years. Long may it remain so!


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