Herons and water-snake: Teluk Air Tawar, Penang, 28 Jan 2013

A couple of weeks ago I tried to identify a pond-heron to species as it was showing early signs of breeding plumage, but in the end, lacked the confidence to call it for sure. Here‘s the bird in question.

What I am pretty sure is the same individual (same place, same habits), now looks like this.Javan Pond-heron_280113_IMG_0199 From the long  predominantly white plumes developing at the back of head, coupled with the back and breast colours, I can now say for sure that this is a Javan, which is what I thought it was on Feb 13! We get Javan, Chinese and Indian at this site in April.

Another sequel to the last visit was the activities of a large Dog-faced Water Snake once again attracting the attentions of some nearby herons.

Grey Heron_280113_IMG_0257This time, it wasn’t pint-sized pond-herons but the big boys – Grey Heron and Great Egret. I initially thought they would make short shrift of such a snake snack…

Grey Heron and Great Egret_280113_IMG_0260Grey Heron_280113_IMG_0252But I was wrong! I later found out the real reason why the herons were paying such close attention to the reptile, but I can’t reveal it here without stealing the thunder of Choo Eng, who is preparing a short write-up of the phenomenon. So if you really need to know, PM me!


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