Wader Quiz!

quiz whole flock

Whole flock

You’re sitting staring out over the mudflats of the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. A single flock of waders flies past in the heat haze (I’ll spare you the actual heat!), and you take 5 frames of the flock as it flies past (Frame 1 is the right hand end, Frame 5, the leftmost. Frames 1 and 2 overlap slightly).

Now your job is simple – identify all the species in the flock!

quiz 1

Frame 1



quiz 2

Frame 2

quiz 3

Frame 3


quiz 4

Frame 4

quiz 5

Frame 5









21 thoughts on “Wader Quiz!

  1. I found just three species:
    Bar-tailed godwit (frame 1)
    Great Know (everywhere)
    Black-tailed godwit (frame 4-5)

    Thank-you for your blog,

  2. Is that a cheeky part-hidden Asiatic Dowitcher in frame 1 (feet also available in frame 2)? And looks like a Curlew Sand made the group for good measure. Wouldn’t mind a flock like that in Cambodia, doubtless they are all there I just never get to the coast! Rob

  3. Well done Iwan and Rob, just one more now. John, the bird in Frame 3 is a Barwit; the dowitcher is on the left of frame 1. The elusive 6th species is in Frame 5! Spare yourself the slap John!

  4. In frame 5, there was a round wing tip bird above the obvious Black-tailed Godwit. It has white rump all the way down to tail. Can’t see the head and tail well. I still have not found the Dowitcher.

  5. So far, the only dowitcher I can see is the one at the left of Frame 1 (and, as Rob mentioned, just on the right hand edge of Frame 2!). I’ve gone through each frame but can’t find a Curlew Sand (and I have the advantage of ensuing frames to check!). So, for my money, there’s still one species which no-one has found yet. As mentioned earlier, it’s in Frame 5…

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