Tioman: 23 November 2012

Our final day dawned the way we had hoped our first day would – with heavy rain and continuing showers on and off. We only had the morning, as our flight was due to leave around midday.

A different Siberian Stonechat (a female this time) was at the airport, and a Little Ringed Plover sat looking miserable in the marina boat park.

Little Ringed Plover_Tioman_231112_IMG_3470 Little Ringed Plover_Tioman_231112_IMG_3466Signs of a good fresh arrival of birds – just as we were preparing to leave! The construction site held an exhausted-looking Oriental Pratincole, but all too soon, frustratingly, it was time to pack up and head for the airport.Large-billed Crow_Tioman_231112_IMG_3453

A Large-billed Crow at the Departure Lounge telling us where to go!

IMG_9658An aerial view of Magic Swamp (bottom right), home of Red-throated Pipits. Left of the road is the rubbish dump, where we saw Black-browed Reed and Pallas’s Grasshopper Warblers.IMG_9659

Just right of the blue roof in the centre are the gardens which looked so promising, and which held the Taiga Flycatcher for a day.IMG_9674

Finally, as we touched down in KL, the monsoon had arrived!

So our first November visit to Tioman – not as good as we had hoped for, but good enough to make us want to try again next year! Wanna join us?


One thought on “Tioman: 23 November 2012

  1. Hello, I’m a Japanese birder currently staying in Penang. My favorites are kingfishers and have seen Black-capped, White-throated, Collared and Common kingfishers in Pulau Burung and other sites.
    I’d like to see Stork-billed kingfisher. Would you please let me know how to get to
    the ‘Openbill pond’? (I can drive my rent-a-car)

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