Tioman: 22 November 2012

Today Rafi and I decided to pay Juara a visit.

IMG_9645 The place is stunningly beautiful and retains a sense of rural calm, despite the proliferation of budget to mid-price accommodation which continues apace.

IMG_9647Olsson says in his report, “This bay on the east side of the island is probably the best place to look for vagrants“, and we had to agree. Apart from the obvious advantage of being on the east coast , there’s a good range of habitats that look perfect for newly arrived migrants.

IMG_9651So much potential!!

Brown Shrike_Tioman_221112_IMG_3080Reality! Just two passerine migrants – this Brown Shrike (our only record) and an Asian Brown Flycatcher. Still, with the right weather conditions, we could just imagine what might be found lurking around Juara!Olive-backed Sunbird_Tioman_221112_IMG_3127 Olive-backed Sunbird_Tioman_221112_IMG_3116

In the absence of migrants, I did enjoy getting good looks at the ornatus race of Olive-backed Sunbird – clearly brighter yellow below, and lacking the chestnut band below the breast of the flammaxillaris race we get in Penang and the north.

Olive-backed Sunbird_Tioman_221112_IMG_3148 fruit bat_Tioman_221112_IMG_3144Back ‘home’ in Tekek on our last full day, I decided I should record some shots of the local residents who like to hang out all day shooting the breeze!Red-throated Pipit_Tioman_221112_IMG_3272 Red-throated Pipit_Tioman_221112_IMG_3260

There was time for one last visit to Magic Swamp, where I tried hard to get some shots of the Red-throated Pipits on the ground, which proved to be a challenge!Red-throated Pipit_Tioman_221112_IMG_3337 Red-throated Pipit_Tioman_221112_IMG_3316

In flight was easier!


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