Tioman: 21 November 2012

A summary of the day: More of the same – lots of hard slog, weather too good, birds too few!

Yellow Bittern_Tioman_211112_IMG_2942By now, we had established a regular circuit, starting with a walk around the airfield perimeter fence, which this morning yielded this rather conflicted Yellow Bittern, which couldn’t decide between staying still and relying on camouflage or taking flight. It did both eventually!

After a roti canai and teh tarik breakfast, we took a long detour across a construction site, where we dreamed of newly dropped-in buntings and pipits, to the football field, where Olsson had recorded good birds like Yellow-browed Warbler and Mugimaki Flycatcher. The Grey-faced Buzzard again put in an appearance, before our attention was caught by a low chacking call from the middle of a bush. This turned out to be a Lanceolated Warbler, and here are the best pics I managed!

Lanceolated Warbler_Tioman_211112_IMG_2979 Lanceolated Warbler_Tioman_211112_IMG_2956 Lanceolated Warbler_Tioman_211112_IMG_2966A bit disappointing that it was “just a Lancie”, but still, a good bird, and somehow a nicely authentic sighting of a species which is both confiding and skulking!

This promising beginning turned out to be only that, and, having exhausted the possibilities of the football field, we headed for the Magic Swamp, which today held its full contingent of 4 Red-throated Pipits, but little else of note.

Red-throated Pipit_Tioman_211112_IMG_2998

Commonly seen on roofs!

Having established that the Taiga Flycatcher had moved on from the gardens, in the afternoon, we headed south to the golf course, but it was the same old story – nice weather, no birds.pond-heron_Tioman_211112_IMG_3061 Cinnamon Bittern_Tioman_211112_IMG_3045 Common Moorhen_Tioman_211112_IMG_3016 Grey Heron_Tioman_211112_IMG_3028 Pink-necked Green-pigeon_Tioman_211112_IMG_3020

Some birds around the golf course – pond heron sp, Cinnamon Bittern, Common Moorhen, Grey Heron and Pink-necked Green-pigeon.

Peregrine_Tioman_211112_IMG_3066Dawn-to-dusk birding! This Peregrine flew past in near darkness. Someone asked me if I could tell which subspecies it was!


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