Borneo Bird Festival 2012

I was one of the invited speakers at BBF this year, and as usual, enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Sabah Tourism and the cheerful efficiency of the BBF Organizing Committee, of the Borneo Bird Club.

This year, it was held at Kinabalu National Park, and the rain held off for the whole three days!

MNS was there too, promoting Suara Enggang. Thanks for your hard work, ladies!

Wong Tsu Shi, author of the new Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Borneo, was one of my co-presenters, and he gave a fascinating talk on how he gets his amazing photos.

Talking of amazing photos, these are the pros! Ron and Winston Pudin and their merry band make up the newly-formed Kinabalu Avian Club.

Check out this mouthwatering trio!

There was a good array of ‘hardware’ on display!

“When I grow up, I want to be an 800mm!”

All in all, it made me want to throw my kit in the river and go back to sketching!

Some of my co-guests – clockwise from the left, Wong Tsu Shi, the Arifins from Singapore, and Carmela, Mel. Alex and Marts from the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.

For a much better write-up of the Festival, see here!




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